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OutLash Academy

  •   The OutLash approach to training is quite different than most.  Every minute is spent focusing on content,  and more importantly, the hands on experience you need to succeed as a lash professional.  Your OutLash  Certification is only the start.  OutLash classes are SMALL.  I feel strongly that to properly oversee and successfully grasp these skills, much personal attention is required.  Small class sizes (4 students maximun to 1 instructor), the pinnacle of training, and unmatched follow up support,  is the difference between simply  getting certified,  versus being educated, prepared, and launching a successful lash career.  

  •   OutLash work sheets and training tools are unique to the industry.  They are specifically designed to allow hands on exercises that occur during the theory phase of training.  I believe implementing the techniques WHILE learning them is much more effective that simply looking at a screen.  

  •   OutLash is not a manufacturer of lash supplies.   Because of that,  it allows us to  introduce the highest rated supplies  DURING TRAINING.  You will try every adhesive, tweezers, eye pad, etc.  This allows you to learn what YOUR preference is.   Training this way is a huge advantage for not only new,  but ALL lash students.   OutLash students are tough to compete with because they receive the best training available, all of the support they require after they are certified, and they have access to OutLash Workshops.  There is not another training option available that provides workshops and allows you to control and continue your education without a substantial investment of a complete training.  It also allows you to always be aware of the latest products without purchasing all of them all while keeping your skills at their peak.   These workshops will vary in topics and will be held monthly. 

  •   My signature is on every OutLash Certified students work.  We are personally vested in the success of your lash career.  Wherever you want to take your skills, we will get you there TOGETHER.  Invest in yourself. Join the OutLash Army.  We want you!

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