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Medical Microneedling Certification $575

BB Facial / BB Lip Certification $575

Combination Microneedling/BB Facial/BB Lip Certification $925


Thank you for your interest in OutLash Microneedling Certification.   Class begins at 10:00 AM and wraps up at 3:00.  All training supplies, models and lunch will be provided.  The system used during training is a NewSurg System and it is AWESOME.  If you are not interested in purchasing this system that is perfectly fine, it is not required.  


Microneedling /CIT is a “controlled injury” to The dermis. It is extremely effective for anti-aging, firmness, fine lines, wrinkles, pore reduction, pigmentation, acne scarring, stretch marks, and more.  OutLash is a designated training facility. All classes are limited to 4 students and our training philosophy is HANDS ON. This is a service you will be well equipped to provide immediately after Certification. 


Feel free to reach out with any questions.  This has become one of my all time favorite training's and services. The results are incredible and the revenue it generates is even better!  No one ever purchases just one.


The cost of the Medical Microneedling training is $575. If you decide to purchase a NewSurg unit, the cost of training is deducted from the unit price.  If you opt for another unit I’m happy to talk about it with you to ensure it’s a decent model. 


If you are interested but the current dates offered don’t work for you, just reach out. OutLash is happy to customize and bundle trainings as well. 

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